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Email Extractor

Email Extractor is a fast and reliable tool created for email marketing needs. It extracts e-mail addresses from different sources. Using email extractor tool you can extract email addresses from all kinds of web pages, Outlook address book, any local file, and many others. You will necessarily need this utility for creating and maintaining your opt-in lists from your file.

Email Extractor

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Email Extractor is a multithread application – it is one of its main benefits (scarcely presented in other products of the same kinds). It is this very feature, which enables Email Extractor to provide a breathtaking verification speed. Due to this peculiar property Email extractor is able to collect thousands addresses from the Web, including the most popular email servers.
Email Extractor harvests valid e-mail addresses. All valid emails without duplicates can be saved in an output file, which is created automatically.

Peculiar Features:

  • Intuitive user-friendly interface
  • Easy in usage
  • The ability to harvest email addresses from web pages
  • An option to retrieve phone and fax numbers
  • Uses more than 300 search engines to harvest email addresses
  • Makes it possible to search emails by the specified keywords
  • Works very fast – can retrieve more than 300 emails a minute
  • Automatically created a file to export the results
  • Reconnects to the server in case if the Internet connection was broken and continues the procedure

Email Extractor’s intuitive interface is very easy in usage. Even a non-professional or a user without strong computer skills can manage it.

It is a repeatedly proven fact that email marketing software like Email Extractor is beneficial for the business. Marketers use it in order to increase the number of potential customers and to boost sales.